Pura Vida Bracelets

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Pura Vida Bracelets has quickly become a household name over the years and has gained popularity through its various social media channels. Pura Vida’s business model was already solidified with over 2 million Instagram followers and a network of influencers. Their online shopping experience had to adapt to the increase in demand.

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With various A/B testing, we were able to evaluate user patterns and build upon what was working and what continued to drive revenue. By introducing new conversion points and using various CRO techniques, more customers were completing transactions. As a result, Pura Vida’s revenue tripled in 4 months.

The company quickly became a staple world-wide and needed a way to expand globally. The Shopify platform, which has housed the Pura Vida website for over 10 years, was a no brainer to continue showcasing the Pura Vida product line. Pura Vida now offers multiple websites tailored to it’s various regions.

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